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Welcome to the most exclusive Term Paper, Thesis Paper, Dissertation and Essay Service on the internet!

  • Why should I use your service instead of another?

    As scholars experienced in helping students achieve academic excellence since 1996, A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS has been in business longer than our competitors.  Because we know what students need, want, and how to make them happy, our customers use us again and again, recommending us to their friends. Our numbers speak for themselves.


    Unlike "internet companies," we treat you like a human being.  When you deal with us, you always get to speak with a live person.  We want to get to know our customers.  You can not get to know your customers by hiding behind an e-mail address.  We will work with you, and are 100% reliable and negotiable.


    Unlike other sites, the term papers we provide will not be found anywhere on the internet.  We sell custom written work and we have thousands of reports on file, none of which can be found anywhere on the internet.  We also provide a wide range of business and specialty projects ~ please ask.


    All information about our customers is confidential, and does not leave our offices.

  • What qualifications do people writing my term papers have?

    We only allow specialists to write for us, as our name conveys. All are true scholars, some of which are current or former college professors with MA and/or PhD degrees in the subject about which they are writing.

    Examples ~ If you want a term paper on the Civil War, we have several history scholars with MAs or PhD's who will write your term paper. If you want us to prepare a company analysis, one of our business and marketing scholars on staff will write your term paper.


    Having been in business for so long, we've established close business and personal relationships with our specialists, who are all 100% dependable and 100% reliable.

  • Do you guarantee a grade?

    NO.  However, we have hundreds of testimonials from students who use our term papers as models to write their own papers and receive excellent grades. Read testimonials from happy customers here.  However, since our term papers are for research purposes only, we cannot guarantee any grade. What A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS does guarantee is... You will always get to speak with a highly educated, friendly, live person here in the US who will work to ensure your term paper will be written the way you want.  Your assignment will be originally written by one of our highly dedicated, qualified specialists and delivered on time.

  • How are your papers written?


    Unless otherwise specifically agreed upon, our papers are doubled spaced using size 12 Courier New font.  Margins are between 1” -1.25,” and we normally try to adhere to either MLA or APA academic writing standards. We are highly proficient in many styles of writing including, but not limited to, APA, MLA, Chicago Manual and Turabian.


    We also provide services for Powerpoint presentations and other types of research projects. Please ask regarding your particular needs.

  • Once I receive the term paper from you, can I hand it in to my professor?

    NO.  Please understand, we write model term papers.  Putting your name on and handing in a report that we wrote for you is plagiarism and highly unethical.


    All of the assignments that we do are intended for REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY!  They are never to be handed in as your own work.  We write the ideas that you may use as a guide in writing your own term paper.

  • How much do your services cost?

    Prices start at only $12.95 per page for previously written, in-stock model papers.


    Custom prices depend on several factors ~ including, but not limited to, level of difficulty, number of pages, number of sources, and when you need the report in your hands.

  • How fast can you get me a report?

    We can provide a stock (on file) report in as little as a few hours.


    If you need a custom written report in a hurry, and are willing to pay a premium price, we can provide one to you in only a few hours as well.  Otherwise, we like to have a reasonable amount of time to complete your project so that we can take our time to produce a quality job at our standard rates.

  • With what types of work can you help me?

    We handle everything from grammar school to high school level to dissertations for doctorate degrees.  Work that we do includes ~ but is not limited to ~ essays, dissertations, thesis papers, exams, Powerpoint presentations, editing, tutoring, resumes, cover letters, consulting and lab assignments.


    We also provide business research, such as memos and company analyses, and more. Whatever your project needs, please ask us.


  • How do you send the work to me?

    Assignments are sent via e-mail as a Microsoft Word attachment, or alternate file formats for special projects.  Once you place an order, you will find that instructions and delivery options are outlined very clearly.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS offers very flexible payment plans.  We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover credit/debit cards, Paypal, MoneyGram, Western Union, Money Orders, Personal Checks and Cash.


    We're extremely flexible and negotiable in every aspect of the services that we provide.

  • When do I pay for the paper?

    Normally we take full payment prior to starting on customer projects.  But we can be flexible when it comes to this matter.  Other payment options can be arranged depending on method of payment, how long the assignment is, and when it's due.

  • If I am not content with the research document that I receive, can I be issued a refund?

    Once an order is placed, there are no refunds or cancellations. Here's why...


    In order to meet ~ and sometimes exceed ~ deadlines of all our valued customers, orders are immediately processed through our system, and the appropriate Specialist then begins the research on your assignment.


    Our Specialists work very hard on your research projects day and night to earn their compensation. Although the best possible effort is always made to assist our valued customers, the work that we do is highly subjective ~ just the opinion of a researcher ~  and opinions do vary extensively.  Be assured though, our Specialists are highly trained to meet the high standards of our valued clients.


    However, if by some chance your requirements are not followed, we will usually offer a free revision. Revisions are offered on a case-by-case basis and are at the discretion of this company.

  • Can I order a paper if I live outside the United States?

    YES!  We work with customers from all around the globe.  No matter where you live, we will be happy to do your assignment.

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