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A & B  founder  Mark Milson and his professional writing staff have been helping students achieve academic excellence for over 18 years. If we listed every happy customer's endorsements, you'd be reading for hours.  We know you need to spend that valuable time on your assignments, and so do we.  That's how we keep our very happy customers, and continue to get more.


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  • How A & B's model term paper helped me compare heroic literary characters and get the only "A" in the class...

    My name is Brian and I ordered a model term paper on comparing Hektor with Achilleus in Homer's The Iliad  and Penelope and Odysseus in Homer's The Odyssey to determine which character in each is the most heroic.


    I used the work that I got from A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS to write my own Term Paper.  I am happy to say that I got the only "A" in the class.

  • Romanticism paper inspired finance major's graduation requirement..."I love A & B Termpaper SPECIALISTS!"

    I am a finance major at a prestigious business school.  I needed to write a
    15-page paper on Romanticism for the required art class that I had to take in order to graduate. The thought of writing this term paper made me sick to my stomach.


    I ordered a term paper from A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS. After reading the 15-page paper from them, I got the inspiration and ideas to write my own art paper.


    After fulfilling my art requirement, I must say that I still hate art, but I love 
    A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS.

  • 55-pages...outstanding...recommend to all...

    I ordered a 55 page thesis paper from A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS
    They did an outstanding job.  I would recommend their services to all my friends and colleagues.

  • Really are term paper specialists...linear algebra concepts...


    I was going to drop my math course when I discovered that a 15-page research paper on various concepts in linear algebra was required.


    Let me tell you, A & B really are term paper specialists.  After using the model term paper that I received from A & B Term Paper Specialists, not only did I get an A on the term paper, I got an A in the course as well.

  • Friendly, live professor explained APA style formatting...
    A & B Termpaper SPECIALISTS really helped me out of a jam...

    I was enrolled in a first year college English course. My professor assigned us a report in which we had to use 5 sources using APA style formatting. This being my first year of college, I had never written an APA report.


    My teacher didn't explain anything.  He said, "if you don't know how to write a report using APA formatting then you should not be enrolled in this class."  He even suggested signing up for a non-credit remedial English course.


    I contacted several web sights for help.  They all wanted to write my report for me, and charge me an arm and a leg for doing so.  All I wanted was a simple answer.


    Finally I came across A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS.  I got to speak with a friendly, and knowledgeable English professor live, over the phone. He explained what APA style means, and how to write a report using APA style formatting.


    A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS even took the time to send me guidelines on how to write a report using APA style formatting, FREE!

    I am sending this testimonial because A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS really helped me out of a jam.  They didn't charge me a cent. 
    These people are really out to help the students; they are friendly and knowledgeable.


    I have been a loyal A & B customer for several years.
    I have recommended them to all of my friends, and I strongly suggest  that you do the same.


  • Paper arrived 2 days early, Lisa hit the nail on the head in conveying thesis theme...most pleased with the result.

    I was pleasantly surprised today to find the paper I ordered in my mailbox. As it was sent yesterday, that makes it 2 days early.


    Please tell Lisa, the author of the paper, that she hit the nail right on the head. As far as I can tell, she not only conveyed the thesis theme I dictated to A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS, she hit on some of my own personal ideas concerning success as well. I am most pleased with the result.

  • You are for real!...Framework from which I can construct a very good hard science, argument-driven paper...Now I know where
    to go first!...

    Oh, my!  You guys are for real!  When I saw your e-mails this morning, I almost fell out of my seat!


    I have hardly slept at all since I first contacted you because of my worries.  Instead, as insurance, I have been pounding away at the library, desperate as can be.


    Fortunately, you proved my worries to be needless, for you clearly honored our agreement like the professionals you plainly state to be. The paper you composed ~ in a very short time ~ was a decent framework from which I can construct a very good hard science, argument-driven paper. Should I ever find myself in a time crunch situation again ~ goodness forbid ~ I now know exactly where to go FIRST, before it is too late.


    Thank you so much, A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS.

  • Be assured you'll have my business...wholeheartedly recommend...

    I am finishing an undergraduate degree plan next fall and hopefully will continue with graduate school after that. Should I ever need any other assistance with a paper be assured that you will have my business.


    Also, as it has come up in the past, should I be placed in a position to recommend such a service as yours, I will wholeheartedly recommend
    A & B Term Paper SPECIALISTS .

  • Rave reviews...nothing but good things to say...

    I swear you are the friendliest and most helpful Internet service I have ever had the privilege of patronizing. Please be sure that you will hear from me soon.


    Your services are invaluable and working with you is a pleasure. I have nothing but good things to say about A & B Term Paper Specialists to my friends, a few of whom I am told have patronized your sight after my rave reviews. Thanks again.

  • One happy customer...great asset, total satisfaction!...

    Hello Mark M. and your dedicated staff,


    I first would like to thank you for your continued support!  It's not everyday you find an organization that attempts total customer satisfaction!!!!!!  You have won my approval and loyalty!!!  I will tell others about your service and continue to utilize your service whenever I have issues with writers block to assist me with getting the ideas rolling!


    I was able to download the information and print it accordingly.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!!  I look forward to a long relationship with you and your company.  I wish you the best and continued success for the future.  Your service is a great asset to all.  Thanks again,


    Just a quick note to let you know that I received an "A" on my final paper. Thanks again. We will talk again in the future I'm sure.


  • Mark's Da Man!   Valuable research aid service...DELIVERED!

    Not only did I get my research assignment ON TIME, it was customized just as promised, and a great reference to aid in writing my final product! Mark DELIVERS the personalized service advertised.  I'll be using A & B again!


    Fellow students - do yourselves a favor and get real study help through this valuable resource!


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    Never thought I'd have a chance for my last minute assignment, but let me tell you, A & B does miracles!  Got a thoroughly written paper on the spot!  Don't know how you guys do it, but you really saved my butt.  Not only good and fast, but totally reliable!  Thanks, guys, for helping me in a pinch.

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    Not only do you get customized writing help, using the assignment you get from A & B is like having a private tutor!  It really zones in on exactly what you need to use as a reference tool.

  • They're not kidding...Enhances learning...a mini course in various topics.

    OK, gotta admit, at first I thought this was just an easy shortcut around writing my own paper.  But when I received my A & B product, I quickly realized it was really a very pinpointed learning aid that allowed me to better understand the subject I needed to write about and formulate my own enlightened thinking.  Because of specific focus on my topic, their experienced writing staff was able to present provocative ideas that I never would've gained from professors, classroom exchange or individual research, certainly not in the timeframe of a single college term.


    Now I see a service like this in a new way - a sort of mini course to enhance various topics in which I have deeper interest but little time to research. Next, I'm going to use A & B to help me with subjects that are more difficult for me. It can only help!  I'll be recommending to my friends for lots of reasons.


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